Guyana Police Force

Mr. Nigel Hoppie DSM

Commissioner of Police (ag)

Guyana Police Force

Eve Leary

Georgetown, Guyana

Tel #: 226-2487/8 or 624-1386

Email :

Guyana Prison Service

Mr. Gladwin Samuels DSM

Director of Prisons

Guyana Prison Service

Lot 46 Brickdam, Stabroek

Georgetown, Guyana

Tel #: 225-6003 or 623-2112

Email :

Guyana Fire Service

Mr. Marlon Gentle DSM

Chief Fire Officer

Guyana Fire Service

11 A Water Street, Stabroek

Georgetown, Guyana

Tel #  : 226-8845 or 623-3043 Email :


Police Complaints Authority (PCA)

Justice William Ramlal (Ret’d)

The Authority

Police Complaints Authority

Lot 39 Brickdam, Stabroek

Georgetown, Guyana

Tel #  : 226-1399 or 226-2054/56 ext. 205

Email :

National Community Policing of Guyana

General Register Office (GRO)

Juvenile Holding Centre (JHC)

Yvette Veronica Sancho


Juvenile Holding Centre

Lot 2 Dennis Street


Georgetown, Guyana

Tel #: 219-1883


National Anti-Narcotics Agency (NANA)

Guyana Forensic Science Laboratory (GFSL)

Mr. Delon France MT, A.S. Chem. Path., BSc. (Hons.), CLQM (UBC),MSFS (OSU)


Guyana Forensic Science Laboratory

Area ‘M’ University of Guyana

Turkeyen Campus

Greater Georgetown, Guyana

Tel #  : 222-1042 or 600-1986

Email :

Citizen Security Strengthening Project (CSSP)

Department of Citizenship & Immigration