Mission Statement:

The Guyana Forensic Science Laboratory will strive to provide a quality scientific service to its clients thus fulfilling its key mandate in being an effective arm of the judicial system. This institution will foster professional relationships with agencies and academic institutions that will keep it abreast with the trends and so adopt its methodologies thus ensuring absolute competency and efficiency. The management of the GFSL will protect its human resource and be cognizant of ethical and professional standards of operation.

Vision Statement:

A dynamic entity the leads the way in the provision of quality laboratory service to all clients.

A brief overview of the agency:

The Guyana Forensic Science Laboratory (GFSL) is a Government of Guyana (GOG) initiative with a long term goal to provide quality forensic examination of crime exhibits while fostering meaningful relationship and fruitful exchange of knowledge with national and international institutions that will allow for continuous growth and development of the laboratory in the diverse criminal justice system and criminal enterprise.

The GFSL offers training and forensic analysis on samples related to criminal investigations in the areas of toxicology, questioned documents/currency, trace evidence, ballistics, DNA, forensic video evidence, and Chemical analysis on organic and inorganic compounds

As a government of Guyana agency, the GFSL falls under the administrative control of the Ministry of Home Affairs and is therefore subjected to the Public Service Rules. The administrative department ensures that all the goals, policies and procedures of the GFSL aligns with the rules and regulations of Public Service Ministry and Ministry of Home Affairs.