Permanent Secretary

Ms. Mae Toussaint Jr. Thomas

Strategic Management Department

Samantha Wickham

Head of Department

Tel #: 225-0402


The Strategic Management Department is a principal department of the Ministry’s Secretariat that serves the Ministry and its Agencies, in support of the achievement of the Ministry’s Vision, Mission and Strategic Goals or Strategic Priority Areas.

Parole Unit

Gordon Smith

Head of Unit

Tel #: 227-3603

The Parole Board is a part-time, quasi-judicial body composed of eleven members appointed by the Minister of Home Affairs. It is constituted under the provisions of the Parole Act No. 24 of 1991 Laws of Guyana Chapter 11:08. The aim of the Act is to rehabilitate prisoners through early release on licence and supervision and for recall to prison in case of a breach of the licence.

Personnel Department

Eureka Duncan

Principal Personnel Officer

Tel #: 227-8915


The Personnel Department provides effective personnel support with an aim to achieve the goals of the Ministry and its Departments/Agencies. These include but are not limited to recruitment, training and development, retirement, career guidance and discipline.

Finance Department

Shondell Mayersis

Principal Assistant Secretary

Tel #: 225-3893


Procurement Unit

Holly Fraser- Persaud

Head of Unit

Tel #: 226-1717 ext 253


The procurement Unit is responsible for procuring items for all agencies under the Ministry of Home Affairs and managing the process.

Juvenile Justice Department

William Orrin Boston


Tel #: 227-3715


The Juvenile Justice Department originated from the Juvenile Justice Act 2018, consequent of the Commencement Order, which was enacted on October 10, 2018.

Stray Catcher Unit

Seivewright Benjamin


Tel #: 226-1962


The Stray Catching unit was set up in 2010 as an enforcement arm of the Ministry of Home Affairs and continues to carry out its mandate of protecting citizens’ property and the roadways safe from stray animals.

Administration Department

Shireen Andrews

Principal Assistant Secretary General

Tel #: 226-4881


The Administration Department plans, directs and coordinates support services (including records keeping, distributing mails, logistical support and maintenance of equipment) within the Ministry and provides secretariat support to the various Agencies under the purview of the Ministry.