Mission Statement

To ensure the maintenance of public order and safety throughout Guyana by formulating appropriate security policies that are responsive to the changing environment; overseeing the effective implementation of these policies by related Agencies and guaranteeing their execution as a result of appropriate resource allocations that include an emphasis on competent human capital as well as modern technology.

Vision Statement

The Ministry of Home Affairs is a highly competent and modern institution that is contributing to a secure, peaceful and prosperous Guyana through effective border management systems, the adoption of internationally accepted security best practices, that ensure the safety, rights and dignity of all citizens are preserved and the elimination of emerging security threats within its borders.

Community Vision Statement

As a result of the policies and programs of the Ministry of Home Affairs and its Agencies, citizens of Guyana feel a sense of confidence that self and property are protected; that they are living in a safe, orderly and peaceful environment and that justice is accessible and fairly dispensed throughout the land.